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About Kawaii Hoshi

Kawaii Hoshi is a new website featuring cute and kawaii wallpapers from around the web. Our aim is to provide an easy to navigate website experience that is nice to look at and functional too. All of the backgrounds are categorised by the kind, color and device type. We are always updating the collection so don’t forget to bookmark our homepage!

Who runs this website? Hi, my name is Mika, nice to meet you. I currently live with my family in Australia. I’m interested in becoming a computer programmer and one of my interests is web design. Another interest of mine is all of the cute things from animes, movies, games and Japanese companies.

Why “Kawaii” and “Hoshi”?Kawaii” is the Japanese word for Cute and “Hoshi” is the Japanese word for Star. I’ll be honest and admit I have an obsession with cuteness and stars, for various reason. So, the name just sort of made itself one day. I’m not much of a public person so I don’t have a personal profile to follow, I have instead created some new ones, so please follow Kawaii Hoshi on twitter, facebook and instagram.


Q: Can I use a wallpaper on my website? For my YouTube channel? For a t-shirt?

A: The wallpapers are for personal use only. Personal use means that they are not to be used for any commercial purposes where you may charge money, collect fees, or receive any kind of payment. These background images cannot be used in advertisements.

Q: You don’t have ____ wallpaper, can you get it for me?

A: We’d be happy to hear suggestions for wallpaper to add, please contact us below.

Q: Why do you only have certain sizes available?

A: We have done our best to include all available sizes, some wallpaper was created before larger screen were common. We have also upscaled some of the older wallpaper.

Q: Can I link to Kawaii Hoshi?

A: Yes! You can link to any page here at Kawaii Hoshi.


Kawaiihoshi.com is a website that curates a wide variety of content from multiple sources, including free images and wallpaper websites.

While we strive to ensure that all published content on our website is authorized for sharing and personal use as desktop wallpaper, either by the uploader, author, or as public domain licensed content, it’s important to note that all images on our website are copyrighted by their respective authors. Unless otherwise noted in the wallpaper description, if you wish to use these images for any other purpose, you must obtain permission from their respective authors. We take copyright laws seriously and ask that our users do the same. Thank you for your understanding and respect for the artists’ work.

If you object to a wallpaper published on our site, please contact us with the wallpaper title or URL and your cause for concern.

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