Cute Tamagotchi Beauty Salon Desktop Wallpaper

Cute Tamagotchi Beauty Salon Desktop Wallpaper

Perfect if you love makeup, perfume and beauty products, this cute Tamagotchi background from Bandai features buildings shaped like fancy perfume bottles with bows, pearls and ribbons all over. Geat to use as a desktop wallpaper.

Salon, known as Beauty Salon (ビューティサロン Byūti Saron) in Japan, is a location on Tama Resort Island that appeared on the Tamagotchi On. The Salon is an area where various shops that pursue “beauty” such as hair and makeup, cosmetics, perfume, body care, spas, etc are concentrated. Top staff from each industry gather here and tourists can enjoy a very luxurious service. It seems the Salon is always pursuing the idea of being cutting edge and the appearance of the stores are constantly changing.


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