Kawaii Tamagotchi Starry Lab Desktop Wallpaper

Kawaii Tamagotchi Starry Lab Desktop Wallpaper

Download the free high-resolution Starry Lab wallpaper, a classic background from Tama Town. Elevate your digital space with its cosmic charm, featuring stars and a telescope. Cute stars too, great for Tanabata, if you celebrate it 🙂

If you’ve played the Tamagotchi ON, you might remember the Starry Lab area, Starry Lab has a wide range of space-themed shops and attractions that cater to space enthusiasts. It’s not only a hub for Tamagotchis interested in space but also an ideal romantic rendezvous for those seeking a unique dating spot.

Starry Lab (ほしぞらラボ Hoshizora Rabo) is a location on Tama Resort Island that appeared on the Tamagotchi On.



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