Updates In Feb 2023

Updates In Feb 2023

Hello! d(`・ω´・+)コンバンワッ★

It’s been a month now, I’ve enjoyed setting up this website, I made SO many changes to the design. I’ve added a new category system, colour. The drop down at the top has all of the colours I added, with the background of the menu item changing colour when you hover over it. It may have taken me a while. ∠(´д`)

I am in love with Peach and Goma lately, I can’t believe they aren’t more popular. I suppose because they are a Line character, and Chinese it’s not really that mainstream or cool (yet). Well I hope by sharing the images that helps to make them more popular, they are so adorable.

I’ve added a new download system too, hopefully when you click on the download links, the images will JUST DOWNLOAD NOW you know, into the downloads folder, instead of opening in a new window.

See you later, Mikka xxx (ஐ╹◡╹)ノ


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