What’s New March 2023

What’s New March 2023

Yo Kawaii Fans, ok corny. (・ェ・)ノ

It’s been another month, I’m starting to get some visitors to the website finally! Woo. I’ve been adding in all my favourite San-X and Sanrio wallpapers, I have quite a huge collection of the retro ones that are a weird size. They are actually great for iPads, not so much the large landscape desktops anymore. Anyway, hopefully people will be able to find them and enjoy using them! (✧∇✧)

Why am I blogging? Well because Google likes websites that get updated, and I would really love for this website to get well known and popular, yes I honestly think it’s good enough for that, hope you agree, if not suck it. (¬_¬) Passive aggressive for no reason? Yep that’s me.

I have some websites I already run, I do hope this one becomes popular, because if not I will shut it down as I can’t afford the hosting if it’s not got any visitors. I really enjoy interacting with people too, I need to add a comment system of message system but not yet. Hope you’re well if anyone reads this! <3

xxx Mikka ー(☆∀☆)/”


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