Welcome To Kawaii Hoshi

Welcome To Kawaii Hoshi

Hi, I’m Mikka (*・ω・)ノ nice to meet you. Welcome to my new website, Kawaii Hoshi.

I’m literally obsessed with all things cute and kawaii, stars are my number one favourite shape when it comes to decor, jewellery, clothes, brands and anything else that a star can be part of (´。• ω •。`) If you ask me why I would have a hard time giving you a good reason, I just think they’re adorable and cute.

It’s January 2023, and I’d like to start of the year by making this new website, with all my favourite kawaii characters and brands. I love changing up my background on my laptop and iPad, and phone haha. It’s fresh when you give it a new look. So, here I am writing a blog post for this website. I hope people enjoy using it and maybe I can make some new friends too! 彡゚◉ω◉ )つー☆*

I’ve set up a facebook page , instagram and a twitter. I think I will use instagram the most maybe, so say hello over there if you feel like it. 〣( ºΔº )〣


Kawaii Hoshi gets updated about once a week, sometimes more, so why not subscribe to be sent notifications when there's brand new wallpapers available to download!

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